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We communicate the very real Good News for our daily lives, and for the future, found only in Jesus Christ. If the Bible is anything, it is practical, down to earth, and full of ways to apply its principles to daily living. The Good News of the cross in power and love is characteristic of our services along with the genuine love & friendliness of His people here.

Senior Pastor Mary Ann Barcklay

Mary Ann Barklay

My name is Mary Ann Barcklay. I became a Christian in my late 30’s. I knew that serving the Lord was my heart’s desire.

I received my degree through International Bible Institute and Seminary. I served in several positions in Women’s Aglow International, including Vice President and Treasurer. Being part of Women’s Aglow is where I learned His word, how to serve, and to love unconditionally. The Women there were so instrumental to my walk and healing as a child of God.

I became involved in a local church. For 12 years, I served as an Assisting Pastor to four different Senior Pastors. Each one of them took me under his wing, taught me leadership skills, and allowed me to grow in the gifting the Lord had given me. I have been licensed since 1997, most of the years with Foursquare International.

Today I stand in awe as we have seen the Spirit of God pour out His blessings and anointing, not only in our service at times, but also in the growing faith and spiritual equipping of the congregation.

My loving husband, Don Barcklay is a supporting hand of the Healing Word church. The Lord united us 60 plus years ago, and the journey has only brought us closer to one another. The Lord guides our path as we both grow stronger in Him.

Don Barcklay

Don Barcklay

When Mary Ann and I committed our lives to the Lord Jesus, we also committed our marriage to Him; To be used in whatever way He desired.

Mary Ann and I have worked together most of our married lives.  We had been on several mission trips together when God called Mary Ann into ministry. I would be the one God would use to confirm the call and insist that she be obedient to what God said, no matter what people thought.

In 2007 we opened The Healing Word Church in Pioneer, CA. Mary Ann was called to pastor the church. I have always encouraged Mary Ann to keep moving forward in the call that God has placed on her life.

Through my professional skills, God has given me the ability to take an empty building and turn it into a beautiful church. After seven years, we moved to a new location in Pine Grove. We rented two adjoining suites at the corner of Highway 88 and Pine Grove-Volcano Rd. I had the vision to take those two suites and make one church. After many hours of moving walls and cabinets, a beautiful church was completed for the Lord.

I am always ready to welcome anyone that may enter the church with a big hug.

Assistant Pastor Karen Rose

Karen Rose

Karen currently serves as Assistant Pastor at The Healing Word church and became part of the staff as a licensed minister in 2010.

Karen had a radical conversion upon meeting Jesus on Christmas Eve 1981. Her life was forever changed.

She has served in numerous capacities within 2 different Foursquare churches over the years but her heart is in the place of prayer and helping other women become free in Christ.

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